Friday, September 15, 2006

Keeping your cool

2145 hours. 13th Sep 2006, Wed. I was speeding on the airport road. Just next to Command Hospital (CHAF) bus stop, there comes a small bent in the road. As I crossed it, I saw a man crossing the road, walking with his cycle.

I horned ferociously but he just kept crossing showing a hand to me signalling to stop. "But why isn't this guy stopping?" At that speed I could never have stopped though I started breaking immediately. Then... BANG!! I hit his cycle right in the middle. He was knocked on the road. I stopped immediately and returned to the guy. His head was bleeding profusely and he smelled of alcohol. A small crowd had gathered. I got him into a Santro and rushed to the CHAF. Traffic cops mysteriously traced us to hospital...

The rest of the story in fast forward. He got first aid, called family members, I called friends, we returned at 2330. My bike confiscated. I did not want a legal case. They were not in mood anyway. Had a small negotiation. Fixed up an amount - head injury, head scan, pain in ribs and knee, broken cycle, alleged loss of watch but was drunk. Paid them in return to written undertaking. Cops' service charge. Bike damages could scale to Rs.2500. But, of course, I am happy!

Morals of the story:
1) I could have not taken responsibility of this. But don't regret doing what I did. There is enough good will and bad will in this world. YOU have to make a choice.
2) Have a set of good friends who can stand by you 24x7.
3) Legal action could be worse than any kind of money.
4) Like everything else, there are thousands of such cases happening around the world. So, you are not an exception even if this is happening for the first time with you. Don't panic. Take control. And take thoughful, wise decisions.

(Though I don't think Indian legal system is that active but I do think I should delete this soon as some of my future opponents can potentially use it against me. So, you might be among last few people to read this.)

(I am aware that this is an abnormally small post by my standards, I assure you that my standards are not falling.)