Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Common-Wealth of India: Dreaming 2020 Olympics

So the games finally got over, without much glitch. A Bollywood style return-from-the-fringes experience. It appears that we Indians can't live our life without nerve-wrecking drama.

All's well that ends well!

Our media had convinced us that the corruption has rot our games so badly that nothing could save India from a massive international disgrace. Starting yesterday, perhaps for next 2 weeks, media will continue to show hitherto unknown (read: obscure) proofs of how successful it was!

In a country where we hardly pay heed to any non-cricket sport, reading sports headlines on the front page of even ToI was refreshing, reassuring and memorable.

What ended in the magnificent closing ceremony was a spectacular international sporting festival. Something that makes us proud of being Indians, yet again!

But, yeh dil maange more!

What next, it asks? I have set my sight on the 2020 Summer Olympic games. Bidding will happen in 2013. The chairperson of IOC Dr Jacques Rogge has already said a successful CWG 2010 in Delhi would make a possible Indian bid stronger for Olympics.

THIS is the most successful it can be. Dr Rogge, did you notice?