Thursday, October 19, 2006

Justice to Imrana!

The injustice against Imrana had forced my debut in the blogger's world. It is heartwarming to find today that her father-in-law has finally been convicted today by a local court in Muzaffarnagar.

It seems as if these are the days of justice being finally meted out to Indians, who have been badly beaten and bruised by the their own judicial system. Only yesterday, Santosh Singh was convicted in 10 year old Priyadarshini Mattoo case.

Some pro-activity by media - innovative campaigns to gain a few points in TRP ratings - whatever, has certainly helped Indian public. People are getting together in supporting these causes. Youth of India has suddenly realized the role it can play in solving India's long-standing problems - call it the "Rang-De-Basanti effect", if you will!

When NDTV launched its SMS campaign in support of a retrial of Jessica Lall murder case, which generated humungous response from all over the country (resulting in 211904 responses so far!), no one expected things to snowball so much.

However, even if a few widely publicised cases do end up in justice due to media intervention, there are crores of others perishing in files and procedure. Witnesses turning hostile - up to the extent of contempt of court (as in Nitish Katara case) under pressure is common.

Of course, Indian media cannot replace (or even exceed) judicial delivery system. Even if it creates an illusion of being better in a few cases in wide public knowledge. What it does create, is a real confidence among the youth that whenver we all get our acts together, we are capable of making a difference to each of our lives.

"...capable of making a difference to each of our lives!" Nice thought to live for, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

One of the steps to fight against such injustice can be an initiative to trigger momentum in flow of information by every possible medium.Though the cases are buried in files but the 'Right of Information Act' has given you the freedom to dig it out.Nothing can be done for the cases already closed but for each and every matter of injustice efforts should be made by the victim to ask for support from media and local organisations.Visibility and media attention can truly generate a huge morale support and can sometimes help in bringing out the buried facts as well.A lawyer can always refer you to some old case once he comes to know about the similarities with some old one.Every person has a role to play and no doubt there are persons who are very much aware of their social roles.The negative impacts of visibility are obviously an delicate an open issue