Thursday, March 15, 2007

Barcamp: Introduction and Invitation

Barcamps are meeting grounds for techie community where they discuss various technical topics, more from an application perspective. They are increasingly see all over the globe as the hubs of technical innovation and entrepreneurship. The first Barcamp in India was organized in Delhi in March 2006, and since then close to 20 Barcamps have taken place in various cities of India.

Here are two articles published by leading newspapers that give a good intro to Barcamps:
1. ToI Delhi
2. Businessworld

What makes barcamp unique and distinct from all other technical conferences is their Ad-Hoc nature. Barcamps are 'unconferences', and by definition unconferences are unstructured conferences. Nothing except the start and end time of the conference is decided beforehand. The topics, speakers, time-slots etc are decided on the spot depending on taste and interest of participants. And, a speaker at a Barcamp is just a session leader. Barcamps have no fixed theme. It can have sessions ranging from Web 2.0 to cooking to adventure sports.

The essential ism of an unconference is "Audience is more intelligent that the speaker". A barcamp is characterised by the sheer energy of its participants. It is said that there are "no spectators, only participants" in a Barcamp. Over a period of 1-3 days all participants, despite their varied backgrounds and experience, begin sharing a camaraderie of sorts.

Barcamp Bangalore 3 (BCB3) will take place on Mar 31 - Apr 1 weekend in IIM Bangalore. BCB3 organizers also wish to give a special thrust to SocialTech, non-technical aspects of IT - e-governance, copyrights, usability, Social Entrepreneurship etc. This a free event and you can register for the event by editing the wiki on event website The only eligibility is that the participants should contribute in some way - either by volunteering, taking or helping in a session, or by asking good pertinent questions. There is no room for a passive spectator in a Barcamp. A passive spectator, typically, loses interest soon and drops out of the event.

Find out more for yourself on Google: Barcamp, Barcamp Bangalore, Unconference, Barcamp blogs. The "official" website of barcamp is, where you would find a list of all Barcamps happening all over the world.

For any more details/doubts/suggestions, go Google! :)
All criticism is welcome. But please note that I (or anyone else) does (or can) not control Barcamps :)


barbi said...

heh arprit, that was nice, i felt bad when this event was not covered by the media much. thankfully i saw two links delighted me.

btw, where are the potos taken by the organizers?

the one during registration?

Spectator said...

i wonder why nobody noticed this !!! was the media sleeping!!!!????

Sheth Raxit said...

Make a buzz by Blogging it.!

Media is not sleeping, but as per the plan, it will create high trafic from Monday. we are just relaxing currently...!!!


Arpit Agarwal said...

@Barbi: All photos are available from

And of late, it has caught media's fancy too. A lot publications in India have covered it, and the latest one in Mumbai. Search Google news for "Barcamp Mumbai 2"